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Hey Y’all Hey!

I'm Amanda. Owner and Founder of Sledge Co Designs.

Your custom designer, influencer, mentor, and sometimes can pass as a therapist.

HA JK. No Really!

At SCD we specialize in CUSTOM shirts, CUSTOM DTF screen transfers, and CUSTOM designing. & CUSTOM MENTORING. Yup! That’s right! Everything we do here is completely custom! WHY?! Because we LOVE to be different!

Ever see a shirt in a local town someone is selling for 15 bucks, and then the same girl in the next town is selling the same exact one for like 25 bucks?! WHY are they doing that? Because ETSY allows people to purchase designs, even if there is multiple of the same design! Where half the time that person that is selling the design wasn’t even the original designer?! WHOAAA I know I know that’s a lot to take in. BUT think about it, because later we are deep diving into our blog, and telling it ALL! Yup that’s right… from start to finish.

So, all my TIKTOK followers, stay tuned… y’all know what I’m talking about HA!


We could write you a book of BS about our life and the crazy world-wind we have going on... but that's what makes us US! Literally – from how we started the business, and alllll the things that go along with it that YOU probably would never.

had guessed. But again, that’s for the blog! 😊

Yeah, our life... could probably make a great reality TV show,

 BUT I’ll keep it short and simple!


I have been a graphic designer, small business coach, and social media marketing mentor: both freelance and for an agency, since 2011.

Most EVERYTHING I do make, print, sell is ALL custom!

 I LOVE to be different. And to make my customers ideas come to life.

Yes, it takes a lot of time, and brainstorming to start your brand and constantly evolve. I love doing things backwards… bc that is where you get the best ideas. (On the TRUTH ABOUT IT ALL BLOG soon) However, I tend to be an open book, to an extent (I have bills lol)!

I love helping people and trying to make my clients lives easier…

BC at the end of the day, it makes mine easier too!

I love what I do, and it’s GREAT to be able to have that time with my wonderful husband, son, and a dog that is basically a human!


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Amanda & The Whole Team

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